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Affordable Housing

Providing families with the strength, stability and independence they need to focus on building a better life.

Neighborhood Revitalization

By replacing a blighted apartment complex, repairing decrepit housing, and building new houses and duplexes, we are providing people with safe, affordable places to call home.

Over the past 17 years, Oasis of Hope has partnered with other non-profit housing agencies to build more than 95 homes. We currently provide quality, affordable housing to 26 families in our community by leasing out single-family houses and duplexes that we directly own. We also provide residents with basic financial and home ownership classes. If you are interested in renting one of our properties, call 901-354-2778 to inquire about current vacancies.

Whatever you do for any of my people, no matter how unimportant, you do it for me.

– Matthew 25:40 CEV

Bearwater Park

Oasis has played a part in bringing more than 90 new or rehabbed housing units to the community, the largest single project in our mix is the newly created subdivision called Bearwater Park.

  • 2001–2006

    Crime at The Cedar Court Apartments was Rampant

    In 2001, we as a ministry reached out and began developing relationships with youth and families living in the old Cedar Court Apartments (now Bearwater Park), which was the largest apartment complex in the neighborhood (18 buildings and 122 units). During the next five years, we learned intimately that many of the problems — violence, drugs, gangs — on 7th Street and in our entire community were originating from Cedar Court. In 2006, one of our youth, Lil Van, was shot and killed right outside the complex.

  • 2007

    Oasis of Hope Purchased the Apartment Complex

    Our youth baseball coach, Mike Timmons (who also worked in real estate investment), noticed Cedar Court come up for sale on public auction. He bid on it and won! We then took the biggest leap of faith to date as a ministry.  Despite being very concerned over the debt we would incur to acquire the property and not knowing our ability to obtain the grant funding necessary to redevelop it, we decided to buy the complex anyway. Cedar Court was now ours!

  • 2008–2010

    Worked to Rehab the Complex

    We worked tirelessly to rehab the complex – we had countless volunteers (many of you were there!) and more than 30 large construction dumpsters that were filled with sheetrock and debris from the buildings as we hammered, and stripped, and hauled away rubble in hopes of doing the demo grunt-work ourselves. All the while we applied for grant after grant, with no success.

  • 2011

    We Demolished the Complex

    God provided a generous grant through the City of Memphis to get started on the redevelopment! However, it came with a MAJOR string attached: it required new construction, not rehab. We then had the humbling duty of letting all our staff, volunteers, and community know that all their hard work on the complex was now going to be demolished and removed from the site; HARD! God knew better than we did and new construction would be significantly better for the community in the long-run. In addition to the grant, the City of Memphis came alongside us in partnership by donating the demolition of the old complex. It was exciting!

  • 2012–2013

    Built 10 New Houses: Phase 1 Complete

    This first tedious step in being awarded grant money is only a part of the challenge in redeveloping an entire subdivision. Countless meetings with engineers, architects, the developing partner (Promise CDC), city departments, and community gatherings – not to mention the myriad of delays with the demolition and other complicated hoops to navigate – the Phase 1 project seemed like it would never be complete. But thanks to the generosity of many donors, as well as Hope Church, the 10 housing units of Phase 1 were completed in July of 2013, debt free! Families began moving in!

  • 2014–2015

    Built the First 4 Homes of Phase 2

    It was back to applying for more grant applications for Phase 2, but unfortunately the federal government suffered a significant recession and the money for affordable housing wasn’t nearly as available as in the past. We were successful in being awarded a small grant through Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) allowing us to build 4 more homes on the site, as well as, some infrastructure funding through the city.  As grateful as we were for this, it was realistically a drop in the bucket to be able to redevelop the remaining vacant land at the site (80% of the subdivision). As we were becoming resigned to the fact that completing the subdivision may be beyond our lifespans that along came another blessing to save the day!  Mutual friends at MLB-Uptown LLC connected Oasis with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis to see if there might be a win-win relationship possible.

  • 2016

    Built 19 More Homes with Habitat for Humanity and the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project

    They were definitely right – Oasis and parent ministry, Hope Church, could not be more delighted to partner with Memphis Habitat and be a part of the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project to bring 19 new homes to the community, which will bring us much closer to completing our Bearwater project! To say it is an honor to work alongside these people and this organization is an understatement! God is so good to bring all things together that we had NO power to accomplish on our own. To Him be the glory for all that has taken place and all that will happen in this new place for many families to call home. We look forward to building relationships with the new home-owners who will move in soon and are grateful for all the progress, growth and interest happening in North Memphis!

  • 2019

    Completion of Bearwater Park!

    In 2019 God provided the final grant dollars needed to complete the houses in the subdivision!  Through assistance from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, and the Shelby County CRA we are building the final 3 homes at Bearwater Park. God has been so good to us throughout the process that was honestly frequently over our heads and beyond our capacity. But it was never beyond His capacity and now there is a beautiful neighborhood for 40 families to call home in what was once one of the more dangerous locations in the city!